You can not directly watch a movie within IWGuide but if you have the Netflix app installed on your device (iOS or Android) then simply tap in the top right corner button when you are viewing the details of a movie. When you do so you will be prompt what kind of action you would like to execute.

On iOS you will be selecting "Open In Netflix" as shown below:

On Android, it's a 2 steps process:

Step 1: decide what action you would like to execute:

Step 2: choose Netflix as the application to use

Remember you will need to have the Netflix application installed on your device otherwise IWGuide will not be able to show the button/options shown above.

IWGuide is only an helper app so you can quickly see what are the most recent titles that Netflix did add to their catalog. IWGuide is not an application made or officially endorsed by Netflix... It is just a convenient Free app to keep up to date with Netflix catalog.

To watch a movie you will need to use Netflix official application which is available for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.